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Pickett's Dream

When smart and beautiful Athena Van Fleet attends her sister’s wedding, she encounters John Pickett, the officiating priest she knew as a student in college. Now married to retired tennis star, Ted Talbot, she moves to Newport, Rhode Island when her husband is named President of the Tennis Hall of Fame. Smitten by Pickett, Athena uses her sway as the daughter of a former bishop to secure the young priest an improbable call to her wealthy Newport parish.

Jealously sensing Athena’s enchantment, Talbot makes Pickett his prey. Then unaccountably, the penniless priest becomes proprietor of Rosecliff mansion—inciting rumors up and down the Eastern Seaboard that the priest is a tycoon or a drug lord. Narrator Brooke Adams, feeling like a “bystander implicated at the scene of the crime,” watches as Pickett’s incredible scheme is unraveled to an unintended end.

From the sad abandoned mill towns of industrial New England to the ballrooms and hunt fields of Newport, from an aged acolyte in rural Massachusetts to pretentious Park Avenue bishops, and from the shining spectacle of the Champs-Élysées to the elusive Bishop’s House in Providence, Pickett’s Dream is borne from the Yuppie Go-Go 80’s to the mean streets of our time, and the innocence of a heretical dreamer to the world we find ourselves in.

Pickett's Dream Cover - Christopher Carlisle
For Thiers is the Kingdom

In the midst of the lost and the destitute...

For Theirs is the Kingdom

For Theirs is the Kingdom is an urban tale about a young Boston lawyer who unexpectedly meets a renegade street priest and former tribal shaman. Unwittingly drawn into the world of the church, which he had learned to disregard—with its manifest hypocrisies, financial ambitions, and evident irrelevance—narrator, Ben Cabot, embarks on an unexpected spiritual journey, paradoxically confronting the church’s nemesis: “Cathedral in the Night.” In the midst of the lost and the destitute, and his own entitled life, he encounters a renegade wisdom more real than any he had ever known.

Drawing on historical fact and  experiences as a priest, in his first novel, Carlisle compellingly writes about what he knows. The drama is based on an unprecedented multimillion-dollar building project that actually took place in the 1980s underneath his grandfather’s cathedral. Integrity and greed, despair and hope, and the subversive possibility of God, all serve to inspire ultimate questions in this increasingly bankrupt time.